Lightweight Armour Systems Based on Hybrid Materials and Novel Moulding Technologies

Coventive Composites

Coventive Composites (a trading name of NetComposites Ltd) was founded in 2001 with the specific objective of developing and exploiting new composite materials technologies. The company is active in materials development and web-based information, and is also well-known for its insight into emerging technologies in composites, having undertaken studies into the future of the industry for the UK Government, European Commission and private companies. The company is experienced in collaborative research projects, at European and national level, with successful, commercially exploitable outcomes.

They work from a dedicated practical development centre in Chesterfield, UK, with facilities and expertise for designing, moulding and testing composite materials and prototypes. The facility includes the following equipment which will be used for the project:

  • 150 tonne press, 1200 x 1000mm, for compression moulding and stamp forming.
  • 300°C programmable hot-air re-circulating vacuum oven.
  • Range of mechanical and physical testing equipment (tensile, compression & impact testing).
  • General workshop equipment for tool-making & modifications.